Day 149 – A.A.F. SURVIVAL

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Day 149
2:08 am – 3:01 am


the curfew
sirens went blaring
right on cue
there they were

little Mary made
sure to listen
as intently as
she could, she did

pulling up her thin,
pink anklet socks
with the little
felt orange bows

now Pete said they
were gross but they
were her favorite
yes, yes they were

His face was the
one that was ugly
when he said it
yes, yes it was

of course his
was a good point
what was the point
of looking good

daikon legs
and dusty shoes
that, little Mary, is
all they see of you

every night right at
lights out Mary counted
on Pete to be mean as
he could, he was

he jumped, laughed,
yelled and danced
squishing his eyes
and spinning around

he was sure he’d
forget the sound
of sirens once he
overpowered them

little Mary thought
she should get to know
the sound, harsh as
it was, they were

they could be useful
if Pete ever got lost and
she had to dig underneath
the fence, she would

so she was determined
and she never did
get used to those sirens
no she didn’t, she didn’t



About traciakemi

traci akemi kato-kiriyama - inter/multi-disciplinary theatre/performance artist, arts educator, cultural worker, community organizer. Tuesday Night Project; theatre, performance, writing, and teaching projects with many organizations and artists including: zero 3; Edge of The World for Asian Arts Initiative in Philadelphia and the National Asian American Theatre Festival in New York; "PULL" with Kennedy Kabasares in San Francisco; Nobuko Miyamoto and Great Leap Collaboratory I; TeAda; NCRR; Oymun's 11. Playwright for "Chasing Dad - a performance of a reading about a play i'm writing" presented by Inside the Ford for the Ford's Summer Playwright series. View all posts by traciakemi

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