Day 216 – All American Basketball Alliance; a dream on battle; (d)

Sunday, April 4, 2010
Day 216
9:47 pm

All American Basketball Alliance


as in

as in
back to
(a race)

as in
before Black

as in
before athleticism

as in
you scared
who can’t
really dribble
much less
(you asshole)


a dream on battle

red flaming needles
meant to kill
or so we thought

floated in the air
at our faces,

turned into flowers
upon our return
from battle

like stars at
light speed, levitated,
with us, in space

tickled our
curiosity, pricked at
our fancied assumptions

how gorgeous to find
peace planted by
sworn enemies


dream 1 (the following are just two dreams
i need to write out and would like to keep
with my wordpress here…)

everyone was there

different people from different pockets and different lifetime zones

but everyone was present

hanging out

a park

benches and tables

individuals, almost strategically, sitting around

waiting to talk to me or just hang out because
it had been a long time since we had hung out

e was at a table looking up and smiling with
his hands out, nails digging into the wood table

i was with everyone, in certain ways

with them as in in love with them

everyone was available for sitting close
and hand-holding

everyone was with everyone
as in in love with each other

it was a long day traveling in to a long night
and everyone was in the mode of reunion

all were happy and only very slowly peeling away

one by one

but i knew i was going to stay the entire time in the
sense that “entire” meant “until i was the last one left”

at some point i went past the large patch of grass
spotted with trees here and there

past the grass there was an even larger pool of sand

i got on a floating snowboard and used ski poles to
glide around, making s curves, following imaginary lines

swooping around

there was a guy i didn’t know
he was Jewish, short, slim, and had wavy brown hair

he was a master levitating-above-sand snowboarding surfer
and i could tell he was another party goer i was to fall in love with

later we were standing at a cab

last ones left
before he got in…

dream 2

this was an important dream

it was a continuation of a dream
i had in the mid-90’s

i hastily wrote it and it published it
in a paper
i don’t even know if they edited any of it
they should have

but this was the modern, follow-up version
and it was long
i woke up a few times and kept going
with the dream as i fell back

everyone was there

representing different communities and pockets
but we were all there in an age of warfare

the wars were here in the States and we’d
travel instantly between cities in the midst of battle,
driving up a street in Torrance
to running through the roof and out of a car
down a steep incline in San Francisco
once we passed over a hill

this age of warfare
meant not only instant spatial, geographic, and time travel
but this age of warfare
included the ability and hindrance of flying, floating,
moving in ultra slow motion
at times good, other times not

there was a clear distinction in our minds on
who was fighting us and who was attending
normal life
things like work and school
there were many who were not aware
of the wars
they would forget as soon
as smoke would dissipate,
as battlers disappeared

they would go about their way
and we would run toward the next
battle or safe haven

– and you knew who the us was upon
eye contact or a simple confirmation with words –

the war was between us and
spirits embodying the figures of dead
loved ones

this age of warfare was centered here

the time in the dream was now

everyone was ready

every one who were to be battlers were present

My late Uncle J was inhabited by one
of these enemy spirits
We knew he was showing up at a dinner party
to kill everyone present
at the last minute i realized i had two cars
at my disposal outside
so i ran to get in one and drive to obtain more help

Our collective telepathy went in and out,
i’d actually have to go in person to get them

As soon as i got outside he was their with a young
entourage – they were already going toward my car
to take the tires off
i ran back inside to get the other set of keys,
started g’s car and slowly i started moving in reverse
(there it was, the car was very slowly backing
up and i could not peel out faster – slow motion was
sometimes a hindrance)
i was in reverse and
i could see my uncle and his crew see me

They were running, also in slow motion, to catch

One of them got into a car to chase me

Driving through Torrance, i was gaining speed
then noticed all the cars in front of me making
sharp right turns at a street ahead

When i got there it was too late and i sped head on
to the other side of the street that suddenly
was a 45 degree vertical incline of a street
in San Francisco

The view was beautiful.
There i was trying to keep the wheels to the road
but the car went out of control

i ran through the roof of the car onto the sidewalk
and ran back to the house

They had started the Grand Dinner and my uncle
did not yet know i was around

It was a huge feast, with old Chinese ladies
making everything, carrying it all
with trays and food on small plates

They walked up stairs to the second floor
the long banquet tables were lined up
around the railing of the stairwell.
People could see each other across the
railing while watching the old ladies
bring up the food from the kitchen below

My uncle and his crew were the only
ones sitting at a separate table away from the long
banquet tables surrounding the stair railing

They saw me but could not get up from their table
because the dinner had started and there could
be no fighting once people had gathered to sit
down and feast

As i passed an old lady, i knew she understood
we were in trouble
i whispered to her to make something that would
make them fall asleep.
She had those kinds of powers with her cooking.

We made eye contact as we passed each other
on the stairs and i knew i could leave to go to the
next battle site

There we were at a university lecture hall
It was full but you could look and make eye contact
with the others battlers and quickly assess who
was in battle and who were there for their class
A speedy set of antagonists came by the room
and sent a message through the screen at the front
of the room that there would be Paper Bombs
waiting for us at the break in the lecture.

No one freaked out – only battlers could hear
the message. Everyone else just heard there’d
be a break halfway through the film being shown
for today’s class.

A bunch of guys, who we thought were Street Cops,
made Eye Contact with us, signaling that
they were “Our cops” – secret service, but not
The Government’s Secret Service.
They were dudes who looked like a motley crew
of undercover detectives in bad suits and starchy
collared shirts with Member’s Only jackets.

Paper Bombs were narrow strips of paper that looked
like they were ripped off a roll of wristbands.

During the break, we stayed in the room while the
students opened the doors to go outside.
When they went through the doors we could
see the Paper Bombs were laid out at on the floor
of every doorway.

Just as the students started to come back inside,
we dove and flew over the Paper Bombs.

The students were our physical cover somehow.

But if we traveled over a Paper Bomb without
a human interference the bombs would go off,
which some of them did.

Everyone started to run outside and then
we were suddenly in the middle of a large
covered courtyard building

Huge shadows and dark spots
against the white interior of this structure with
arches, columns, patches of stairs running into
corridors lined with candles of all shapes and sizes
Some stairwells went nowhere
The whole structure was gorgeous and
very Escher-esque

JC, C, B, were there, RY was there
everyone was there

This was the palace of full battle

Everyone was completely present
and time was in slow motion, this time
to our great benefit

Out of nowhere there was a 8 or 9 foot
man from Japan in a while suit, while trilby hat
We thought he was an enemy
Of course we did – he was shooting at us
– flaming red needles from his wrists and hands
The needles would just miss us and float in front
of us
Everyone was after him and no one could get him

i wanted to hide from him and watch him – he was
fascinating with this graceful glide and a smile
constantly on his face

He of course caught me following him and
turned his attention on me
Time to fight, i thought

i couldn’t get a shot

i had a lame plastic gun that could also shoot
those flaming red needles but only one at a time

He kept sending large sprays of needles
right next to me

The needles floated, sustained themselves
in the air all around the courtyard – wherever he
shot them

He said, “This is for the girl”, angled his
wrist toward me, smiled and shot a huge
blast of needles in my direction
I couldn’t move and just watched the swarm come
at me and stop right in front of my face

We made eye contact
He said, “Aren’t I on your side?”
He smiled and flew off to the side
and out of the courtyard

We’d go on to another battle just outside

Some weird, funny battle where the Paper Bombs
were going off and blowing everything up
and Luke Walton came out in a suit, grew to like
20 feet tall, did a water ski move on an exploding
fountain and someone laughed and shouted, “Show off!”

When we laughed, we knew we were done for the day

We’d later go back to the courtyard to find those
flaming red needles turned into flowers that
were floating all around the building
Lit by the candles, against the white stucco walls,
there was an amazing glow
and an even more magnificent feeling
shared by all of us

Everyone was all around

We were still in a mode of constant newness
and discovery

We were in battle

and we were strident, happy, and well


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