Day 225 – heavy chest; hold your head

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Day 225
9:21 pm

heavy chest

she simply doesn’t know why
she feels so

perhaps it is everything
piling up
high enough to
reach around
her neck
and tickle
her gag reflex

sharp cornered
refolded bills,
loan notices,
turned down

every thing
on the rise
the call back
her bank account


hold your head

it’s a drag,
isn’t it

and it hurts,
weighted heart,
heavy head

having to hold the
world on your shoulders
while walking under
the overcast

being the only one
your mother goes to

being without
a father,
for how long now

i relate
yet have
no idea
what you’re going through

no one will ever know
what is trudging
through your mind

all i know is
this world
is here for
because you are
a whispering light
and blooming voice
for it

the world
holds you the way
you want to engage
with it

and because
you lift from your
bed everyday
just to keep moving
away from stillness

the world loves more
with you in it

the world is yours
and yours to love

hold your head up

keep flying alongside
your chorus
your melody
your rainbow song



About traciakemi

traci akemi kato-kiriyama - inter/multi-disciplinary theatre/performance artist, arts educator, cultural worker, community organizer. Tuesday Night Project; theatre, performance, writing, and teaching projects with many organizations and artists including: zero 3; Edge of The World for Asian Arts Initiative in Philadelphia and the National Asian American Theatre Festival in New York; "PULL" with Kennedy Kabasares in San Francisco; Nobuko Miyamoto and Great Leap Collaboratory I; TeAda; NCRR; Oymun's 11. Playwright for "Chasing Dad - a performance of a reading about a play i'm writing" presented by Inside the Ford for the Ford's Summer Playwright series. View all posts by traciakemi

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